Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Rummaging Through The Past

I can't believe how time is flying. 
I took some time today to go through my blog-which I am so grateful I have. Isabel who is now 5 1/2 is not tiny anymore...she asked me with tears in her eyes, "Mom why don't you have any pictures of me with my family?" She wrote me a note in her own Kindergarten way...she is learning how to write well. 
I felt so bad for her so I quickly went to the blog and showed her some videos of her when she was a baby. I am so glad I had them. 
I really cant believe how all my children are growing...time is flying by....
I felt for a few years it became difficult to blog about life-even though I would have the good intentions of trying. Life became busier in many different ways and a bit complicated. 
Yet, now there seem to be things I desire to say...and moments I desire to capture.
Life is unfolding ever so fast!!! 

Carson boy-12 now!!! 

Gavin (14 1/2) and Izzy (5 yr. old) 

My ever growing girls-Make-Up time!!! :) 

Kayla (16) Ava (8)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being Adopted-Beginning My Journey Of Returning To My Roots

Bluefields, Nicaragua

"Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Julia Mariana (Nicaraguan name). She lived in Bluefields, Nicaragua
with her mother. Her mother was very young and couldn't provide for her so she decided to give up for adoption."

"Tell me again Mommy" I would state.

Sadly this is the only part of the childhood version adoption story I can remember, if its even somewhat correct. So I asked my Mom to please write down the story she used to tell me on our way to Pre School, every morning I might add! What a sweet memory. I think my memories from that story is one of the most treasured highlights of the story of my being adopted; besides my Mom of course!

Adoption and my knowledge about me being adopted has always been a part of who I am. Who I grew up to be. I am 35 now. But I must say that I have been richly blessed to have been adopted and chosen. In those days (back in the 70's) life everywhere was different. Of course you have the Nicaraguan culture that was different let alone America! Adoption was just beginning its boom on America, and the release of children from other countries were beginning to open up. How amazing I was one of them! Each child who is adopted has there own story, some stories more difficult to walk through, some more joyful. All in all, adoption is a beautiful thing and to see so many parents and families now a days decide to adopt is wonderful!!

Just last week I began the new journey of contacting my birth family. My desire in posting and recording details is very important to me now that I am older and for the sake of my family as well. 
So as I begin to post about my journey-I hope you enjoy but embark with me on this journey. There is much ahead to explore-even paying visit to Bluefields, Nicaragua this year!  

My desire is to share my story, while encouraging others who are deciding to adopt, and to encourage those children, like me, who have been adopted.

Many Questions to ask and stories to tell...
Adoption is really a beautiful thing!

Continuing On

I cant believe Im posting!! I know I have stated that in previous posts. The inital "trying" to blog once again. Well...I have to im not trying to "begin" to blog once again-I like to think of it as continuing to add onto our already many adventures on our blog-that we have recorded. Im grateful for this blog I must say...we have had our blog for 5 years now!!! That's amazing!!!
To be honest, life has taken many different turns for our family over the past few years. The kids are growing older, we as parents have changed dramatically, growing older ( lol), spiritually life has changed a bit but for the better (more to explain later). We just have been experiencing a lot of changes, learning how to handle those wonderful curve balls that life so graciously throws at you.
All to say though God has been faithful through these changes.

Monday, October 24, 2011



This is so neat!!! I have become a representative for this FANTASTIC organic company based out of England!! They are two years new to the USA and all the products they sell are certified!!! From skin care to Aromatherapy, to gorgeous git box sets for Christmas, to a brand new line of certified organic make-up coming out in February!!! I cant wait!!! 
Be on the look out because we are going to use a portion of our proceeds to help adoptions coming up very soon!!! I have such a heart for adoption-since I was also adopted, this has added such meaning in giving back-so I am really looking forward posting more on this!
I will post more information soon and I hope you will prayerfully consider your participation as well-if you feel God is leading you too! 
You can begin to take a look at the website if you would like to contribute, or simply if you have an interest in contributing to adoptions...please feel free to email me, or comment! 
I will gladly give you more information!!!
Thanks to you all-looking forward to partnering in giving with you!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Back!! 2011!!

Greetings to all our readers....maybe old, new, and ones who probably had given up on reading because I hadn't posted anything new! So sorry! Wow, life has been so incredibly full and has simply taken a huge turn...I should say. We are parents who are growing and learning, as well as having kids who are growing and learning...well? I guess I should just get started on updating!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


In Panera...
Nana and Ava chatting away...

Here we are-we have arrived at the Belk Theater...

Truly you can't watch Mary Poppins without beginning to clap or tap your feet!
What a delightful time my Mom, Ava, Kayla and I had going to see Mary Poppins the play!
Our night began with a fast meal at Panera for dinner and a surprise for miss Ava! All of us new what we were going to see accept Ava...she really wanted to be surprised-I thought that was such a 'mature' request...she did not want to know at all.
We finished dinner and got there in time for our show to begin at 8.
We revealed the surprise to miss Ava when we arrived. I don't think she new quite what to expect...although we ALL enjoyed it tremendously! It was such a fun girls night out-poor Izzy had to go with Daddy and the boys because we knew she wouldn't sit through the whole thing.
So she went off for Cold Stone Ice Cream! :)

Here is a snippet from one of our favorite scenes from Mary Poppins and a few pictures.
We were also able to get tickets for cheap through

What a blessing and.......well?

It was just totally...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... !!!!

Enjoy and may this inspire you to tap along or maybe go see it yourself!